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Partners for sustainable business

We are part of the Umicore Group and we follow “The Umicore Way” as our guiding policy document.

Therefore, we recognize that overall success includes commitment to conducting business in a quality oriented, safe, healthy, sustainable and responsible manner. We work to improve our Quality and EHS performance through commitment to the following:

  1. Clearly understand customer needs and provide products and services that meet those needs.

  2. Continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality and EHS Management System, our processes, products and services, to enhance their value for our customers, shareholders, and employees.

  3. Evaluate the effectiveness of our Quality and EHS Management System by setting objectives and measuring progress.

  4. Develop and implement programs and methods to identify hazards and assess risks so that procedures for their effective control can be established.

  5. Integrate quality and EHS management principles into critical business processes and decision-making practices.

  6. Define and refine programs and procedures that support prevention of pollution via reducing emissions (air, water, land), reduction of greenhouse gas and using natural resources and supplies as efficiently as practical.

  7. Ensure compliance with legal and any other requirements related to our business operations.

  8. Communicate with all employees regarding our Integrated Management System, as well as the performance of EHS and Quality programs to help ensure they are instructed in and aware of their responsibility for upholding these policies within their areas of accountability.

  9. Recognize that health and safety is everyone’s responsibility and establishment of the following requirements:

Assign competent individuals in supervisory roles who are responsible for health and safety of employees under their supervision, ensuring that machinery and equipment are safe, and employees perform operations in compliance with established safe work practices and procedures.

Adequately train employees in their specific work tasks to protect their health and safety so that they understand they must protect their own safety, and that of others, by working in compliance with the law and established safe work practices and procedures, and report any unsafe conditions to their supervisor immediately.