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Engraving Styles

Umicore has been supplying the jewellery industry in North America since 1914. Our standard engraving styles have been developed over that period. They reflect both our long tradition as well as our customers’ ongoing preference for these classic designs. Other engraving styles are available on request.


  • Standard specifications for Engraving Styles

Standard Specifications

Umicore’s business unit Jewellery and Industrial Metals provides an unrivalled wide range of precious metals products and related services to the jewellery industry and to a variety of industrial applications. Its Canadian Manufacturing and Refining site is ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certified.

The ‘Standard Specifications’ series define the standard specifications for custom orders. They correspond to the needs of the majority of the precious metals industry in North America and illustrate most of Umicore’s production capabilities. Should you, however, have a request that seems to fall outside of what is published here, then please don’t hesitate to contact us for further assistance. Umicore updates its ‘Standard Specifications’ regularly based on customer feedback, market trends and technological developments.

For each product the ‘Standard Specifications’ show:

  • Product name and description
  • Characteristics needed to fully define the product and a drawing illustrating the definition of those, where appropriate
  • Available materials for these products
  • Standard production capabilities and tolerances
  • Temper
  • Standard packaging

In order to speed up the processing of product inquiries and orders we encourage you to use the terminology used in the ‘Standard Specifications’ and to clearly indicate any requests that deviate from these ‘Standard Specifications’, such as tighter specifications.

Throughout the ‘Standard Specification’ series all dimensions are provided in mm and temperatures in °C. Conversions to inches, feet and °F are for reference only.